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Compounded Sermorelin (GHRH)

Sermorelin is a 29-amino acid chain and acts as the biologically active fragment of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH,) which is a 44-amino acid chain. Sermorelin clinically functions as GHRH, which stimulates a significant increase in growth hormone production and secretion from the pituitary gland.

Once-nightly injections can stimulate increases in both GH and IGF-1.  Because peptides like Sermorelin are readily destroyed by enzymes in the digestive tract, oral or sublingual routes of therapy are ineffective.  Subcutaneous (SQ) injections are the most efficient and preferable route of therapy.

                                                SERMORELIN BENEFITS INCLUDE:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep quality
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Decreased body fat
  • Improved strength and endurance
  • Enhanced mood and sense of well-being
  • Improved skin quality and healing